Filmmaker Justin Lapriore was practically born with a camera in hand. Growing up in a photography forward family, Justin was encouraged from a young age to try and capture the everyday moments through the eye of the lens. From a love of photography and the introduction of handheld video cameras in the 80's, grew a love of films and the ability to create, edit and share them easily.

That passion for storytelling and sharing continues to this day with Justin's work as LetsMakeMedia, a digital video creation house. Working with a wide array of clients including Levi's, Covergirl, Amazon, Google Play, HTC, Sub Pop Records, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Merge Records and more to create a varied library of commercials, music videos, portraits and short documentaries all with an easily recognizable style.

We enjoy the entire process, from spark to shoot to edit to edit to edit to edit to delivery. Our mantra has always been that each and every project that we work on is a chance to experience something new and share it with the world.

Located in Seattle, Washington, our wanderlust and love of travel has us frequently collaborating all around the world and our small crew size and production footprint makes travel//on location shoots affordable and manageable.

Be it food//drink//travel//cars//music//products//services or brand centric, we relish proper design, genuine effort, and the often overlooked details.

We are always happy to chat.